Welcome to FTCNA website!!

Welcome to the home of Flying Tippler Club of North America (FTCNA). The FTCNA was officially formed in March of 2010, by a dedicated group of breeders of the Flying Tippler. The purpose of the club is as follows:

  • To foster, promote and encourage the sport of Flying Tipplers.
  • To encourage the development of a member's skills in the required care, breeding, training and flying of pigeons.
  • To provide and maintain a meeting place where members can exchange friendship, ideas, experience and information and to promote true sportsmanship above reproach.
  • To provide a flying schedule each year, whereby members shall have the opportunity to fly their pigeons against other members of the Club
  • To give acknowledgement of record to those entitled to them.

What is a Tippler?

A tippler is a breed of pigeon bred to participate in endurance flying competition. Flying results of up to 22 hours non stop have been reported. The fanciers of Tipplers can compete against others anywhere in the world without leaving the confines of their own home. To read more...

A Family Hobby

Looking for a hobby and information on the Flying Tippler? Compared with most hobbies it is quite cost effective and even a beginner can take home a trophy. Often Fanciers will donate birds and give helpful advice to get you started. If you or your son or daughter just loves animals and nature and your searching for a hobby we suggest you take a serious look at Flying Tipplers. Ask anyone who keeps pigeons and they will all tell you that just 20 minutes with the birds and all the cares and worries seem to fall away.Please visit membership page for more information!!!


For our members we provide up to date information on all activities within the organization and sport. The Constitution, club rules, award forms, flying results etc. can all be accessed in the member section on the top.